The following are a list of elements involved in my current lifestyle with the guiding principal of leading a long and happy life.

Supplements Longevity / Immunity

These are the current supplements I am taking along with the reason why:

Book Recommendations

These are some recent books I have been reading:


  • Ben Greenfield – Boundless – A book on life in general covering a whole raft of topics including nutrition, nootropics and longevity. This book is a true monster, it is huge. I thought I knew a little bit about these topics but I learnt so much more after reading this book.


  • Pete Evans – Easy Keto – Easy recipes (like the title says) for all things Keto. I particularly liked the basics section such as almond bread, realistically the only card form I actually miss.


  • Ryan Holiday – The Daily Stoic – An interesting book I received as a birthday present full of insight and wisdom from philosophers and stoics from ages past. Some really deep concepts in these pages. I have been posting daily pictures of this book on Instagram.


Natural Products I have used:

  • Mushroom Coffee – Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee – A natural focus and brain booster derived from Chaga and Lion’s mane to support productivity, focus, and creativity. Perfect to kick start your morning or power through your workday at the office or at home, it really gives you a warm buzz without the ongoing jitters of caffeine. My favourite time to take this is actually on the weekend at around 3 pm and then crush jobs around the house for the remaining afternoon and well into the evening.
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