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Cover The 20 Year Business 6The 20 Year Business Book

Finding work is a problem that many people face daily but the difficulty of finding work is only increasing with age.

Picture a true story of a woman who had worked for 25 years in the community services field that had been trying for over a year to find work in her field of expertise! Can you imagine that? 25 years of experience and no one wants to hire you in your own field? At the same time, this woman had another complex problem in that she was also too young to retire but had too many assets (in the government’s view) to qualify for any welfare assistance. She was forced to survive on her savings while desperately looking for work, slowly watching a lifetime of diligent retirement savings drain down to nothing whereby ironically, she might finally then be able to access welfare… Never mind all the tax she had paid for the last 25 years… it didn’t matter. Truly devastating.

This book is about:

• Providing contingencies for when life doesn’t quite go as planned, for example, sudden job loss.
• Generating ideas to design and create multiple income streams.
• Providing some protection against age-related discrimination.
• Being flexible with time, starting slow and building as fast as you want.
• Providing more freedom and choices in retirement.

With the benefits of:

• Additional passive income as a side hustle (even if you are employed) from right now to retirement and beyond.
• Rediscover creativity and learning.
• Promote physical age-proofing by keeping active and perhaps extending life expectancy.
• Improvement of health and wellbeing.
• The possibility of earlier semi-retirement or even full retirement.

Live life on your own terms with security and peace of mind.


The 20 Year Business BookCover The 20 Year Business 6