A Generous Introduction

Thrifter.Me is an evolving resource run by me, Frank Booth, to share proven strategies for running and optimising an online business of reselling and exploring other ideas to provide lifestyle choice and freedom.

Who is Frank? And how does he know his stuff?

I’m a family guy in my thirties who has always had an interest in money and strategy.

I have been re-selling ad-hoc for over 10 years, I opened my eBay account way back in 2009 and prior to that sold the odd thing on TradeMe (New Zealands Buy/Sell Marketplace equivalent) in the early days. Since September 2018 I have been really ratcheting things up. All the numbers you see in the profit summaries on this site are on a part time basis. I still hold a full time job concurrently.

I have a commerce degree focused around information systems design and have spent a lot of time over the years finding ways or tools to get more done in less time.

A Video Introduction

The above is a recent appearance on a live stream on 2aussiethrifters’ YouTube channel and provides a great introduction to my journey.

How Thrifter.Me Began

Really the catalyst for taking reselling seriously as another income source began when my dad who lived close by lost his job for being “too old” and then could not find another one. Eventually he was forced to leave Australia altogether and return to New Zealand. When this happened I realised that reselling could have provided a viable income alternative in this exact situation if grown as a business. This website is the chronicle of this journey.

Why I Do What I Do

My family is the primary motivation for everything that I do, and you’ll hear me mention them often throughout the site.

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