Game Of Thrones Vs The Stock Market

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I’m writing this just to say, well, just to have a record that this thought actually crossed my mind.

It’s been almost impossible to escape the monster that is George RR Martins Game of Thrones series. I had the privilege of reading the first four books before the TV series was even conceived, I totally understand the mania.

My social media feed indeed shows that winter is now actually here with the arrival (today, at time of writing) of the first episode of the last season.

Lots of snow, cold, and fear ahead.

I posit the following:

Is it possible that once the Game of Thrones final season concludes that global stock market returns increase now that winter has come and then gone?

On the face of it, it seems like an absurd idea that these two concepts could relate or be linked in any way. Here me out though.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and recently on the way home my ears consumed a small segment of information which piqued my interest.

I think it was a Tony Robbins podcast episode that had to do with creating success (probably all of them fit this criterion but I am not sure on the episode number or name). Anyway, at the time I remember that the topic being discussed was an experiment whereby actors were given either hot or cold cups of beverages and then asked to take a survey soon after. The results were as you might deduce: Polar opposite’s.

The participants who had consumed a cold beverage had negative perceptions, 90% of the time.

Contrast this with participants who had consumed a hot beverage prior to having the opposite reaction with a positive perception, 90% of the time.

A similar experiment also focused around hot drinks can be found here.

To the idea then:

It got me thinking that being Game of Thrones is such a massive worldwide phenomenon and melded into the fabric of culture itself, could it be possible that the phrase itself “Winter Is Coming” (and the related coldness of winter, snow, etc…)  has been silently sabotaging investment market returns in the background? Simply by influencing the unconsciousness of many involved through a perceived environment of coldness and fear related to Game Of Thrones?

Extrapolating this line of thinking then further to what happens after the final season, what comes after winter? Spring normally, but I suppose the season finale will really have the answer.

Assuming good prevails and everybody doesn’t experience death by Dragonfire or Blue Eyed White Walkers, then let’s go with Spring.

This concept of “Winter Is Coming” which has been prevalent for the last few years consumed by millions? is now gone.

“After Winter Must Come Spring” to quote Lauryn Hill (Everything Is Everything)

New shoots, new growth, green shoots, green grass, lots of subconscious indicators of growth to influence decisions.

Words are powerful, even more so when the same specific ones are everywhere.

Perhaps the end of the Game Of Thrones saga could subconsciously result in the release of a coiled market spring? Pun intended.

Of course, it will be impossible to quantify anything like the above theory, too many moving variables, but it is interesting to note that our environment can influence our decisions…

Perhaps the Lord Of Light could help?

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