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Spellcheckers are great. That little red squiggle under a word tells you that perhaps you might have mistyped a word has saved me from many a catastrophe.

After exploring the world of Auto Hot Key scripting I discovered that a few clever cats had constructed a spell checker which actually fixed words dynamically on the fly. This means that if a commonly mistyped word is typed it is auto replaced with the correct one.┬áSo what you might say, Word does this already, I have seen it. True but you don’t use word everywhere right? By using Auto Hot Key this replacement script works everywhere on Windows, for example, even in Notepad which has no native spell checker.

This script is particularly (**I just typed that word wrong and the Auto Hot Key script fixed it**) useful if you spend a lot of time writing copy or text online. For example, listing items on eBay or while writing blog posts. It may not seem like much but over time you will find that you don’t spend as much time having to go back and fix issues as your mistakes are being literally erased on the fly. You will begin saving time and I guarantee you, that you will love.

Originally the script appears to have been based on several “Lists of common misspellings” including:

So as you can see it is already very comprehensive. This script has over 5000 lines of word corrections and also includes corrections for words containing accents.

Bonus Feature

The script also has a super handy feature that lets you add additional mistakes and the corrections as you find them. So far my list of additions is a paltry 15 or so but it is very powerful over time.

Spelling auto hot key replacement

The most simple example I can give you of its effectiveness is making “i” becoming “I” instantly. No more need to extend that pinky finger down to the left shift key to capitalise it anymore outside of Microsoft Office products.

Another by-product of this feature is that you can also add whole chunks of text as hot keys without having to go back into editing the original script. I have typed Auto Hot Key so many times only to stop, go back and capitalise the letters that one day I simply highlighted the text “auto hot key” hit WIN+H (the shortcut to add a new text string) and then shortened this to ahk in less than 10 seconds.

Where Can I Find This Magical Script?

The link below will get you to a version that you can use. Either copy the code yourself or you can download the .zip file.

Note: You will need to have Auto Hot Key installed to use this.

AutoCorrect Script.AHK

Alternately you can simply google “Auto Correct Script Auto Hot Key” and find your own way.

**Whilst writing this blog post the Auto Hot Key autocorrect script fixed 5 spelling mistakes. Apparently, I am a terrible speller… **

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