Selling On eBay While On Vacation (Or Working Away) 1 Week Time Frame.

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Timeframe: 1 Week Away

Number Of Items Listed At The Time: 255

eBay Store Settings: 10 Business Days Handling Time

This was the first time I have left the eBay Store “On” in vacation mode whilst working away.

I had another 8 day stint working on a construction project up north and as per some insights from the Scavenger Life Podcast I have been listening to I changed my handling time (using the bulk listing tools) to 10 days and away I went!

For the first few days nothing happened as I realistically expected but then one morning I got to site at 5am and to my surprise had a sale notification come through immediately followed by the payment. The sale was nothing to get excited about, a bundle of 4 books that I will make around $12 on after shipping and fees etc….

It was however proof of concept and I took the additional step of contacting the buyer to notify them that I was away and when I would return. Anyway since that initial sale I have had one almost every day since.

My sales total for the week whilst on eBay Vacation ended at 5 items sold for a total of $165 gross (before cost, shipping and eBay fees), $114 net (after COGS). Not bad for doing absolutely nothing to do with listings while I was away.

Now to get home, package everything up and get it posted.

This month is going to be a strange one with the eBay store on vacation mode again in another weeks time. This time it will be for 2 weeks meaning I will have had the store set as away on Vacation for 75% of the month!

Yet, I have the sneaking suspicion that I will still be able to meet my monthly target for sales (and profit). This really goes to show this reselling could be a viable long term business. I can only imagine (currently) if I had 10x the listings at say 3000.

Imagine going on holiday for a week and having $1500 in the PayPal account on the return, more than many peoples average wage here.

That is the goal eventually I am slowly grinding towards.


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